40 + Types of Parents Making up Today’s Modern Families

By Vivian L. Holley, JD, MA, CFLS, MFT For many years I have been interested in all the variations of parents we can have, and I started writing and speaking about this in the early 1990’s. Below is an outline of the “40+ Different Types of Parents Making up Today’s Family” written in 2000 by Read More

Can a Child Have More Than Two Parents?

By Vivian L. Holley, JD, MA, CFLS, MFT Recently I was catching up with my long time friend and private investigator, Wendy, who proudly informed me that all four of her daughter’s mothers endorsed the decision to send their daughter to Tulane. Yes, four mothers!  What may seem unusual to many people was perfectly natural Read More

It’s All About The Children: Redux Part 2

By Vivian L. Holley, JD, MA, CFLS, MFT Back in June of this year, I posted an article describing the inequalities of laws prohibiting same sex marriage, particularly as it impacts the children of same sex unions.     On November 2nd 2011, abcnews.go.com, published a new article by Susan Donaldson James, “2 Million Kids Read More

Understanding Divorce Law and Custody Proceedings

By Vivian L. Holley, JD, MA, CFLS, MFT Having a thorough understanding of the divorce laws and custody proceedings will help you to complete the process as quickly as possible, saving you time, emotional stress, and money. In San Francisco, custody and divorce lawyers generally advise their clients to not make any drastic moves such Read More

On Same-sex Marriage – It’s ALL About the Children-Part 1

By Vivian L. Holley, CFLS, MFT With New York’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage, I have decided to revisit an article I wrote before California passed proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage in our state. As the fight for same-sex marriage rages on, it is important that we keep in mind the legal ramifications of not Read More