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Protecting Children in Divorce

Child Custody

Determining which party will retain physical custody of children and how to determine a fair amount for child support  is often the most emotional and at times can be the most contentious aspect of a divorce. Ms. Holley helps to defuse potential acrimony by exploring options that honor and respect the roles of both parents.  Studies have shown the best way to help your child survive the break-up of the marriage is for the parents to communicate and cooperate with each other in the raising of their children. Children will accept their new circumstances more readily when they see their parents endorsing a new custody arrangement that maintains a close relationship with each parent.

As a highly skilled licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist as well as an attorney mediator, Ms. Holley has expertise in how to craft child custody and child support arrangements that work best for different ages of children. She helps her clients create parenting plans which take into account the needs of their children for consistency, stability and close contact with both parents. She assists parents with the  logistics of sharing time, including holidays, vacations, and other special events and with handling decisions about matters concerning the children such as the choice of schools, religion, day care, tutors, therapists and travel. She often helps parents discover solutions that they do not or cannot see for themselves.

Ms. Holley can facilitate discussion between the parents, keeping the talks focused on what is truly in the best interests of the children, and thus the family as a whole.  Please let us know if you have any child custody, child support or visitation plan questions by click on this Contact Us link.

Ms. Holley has published articles in renowned journals which focus on the needs of children. Recently she has written about the psychological impact on the children of same sex couples whose parents cannot marry, as she finds that the debate about same sex marriage has not been concerned about the fate of these children.  These articles can be found on the blog on this web site.

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Where one parent has already opted to bring custody issues before the Court, Ms. Holley’s firm helps clients they represent obtain a fair resolution. Prolonged litigation hurts the children involved in the middle of their parents’ dispute. A cooperative settlement helps to reduce the fear and anxiety of the children and also reduces the cost of a divorce.

Vivian gets from Point A to Point Z in a very methodical, patient, and orderly way. At the end, I knew that my settlement was fair, I knew the full economic and tax consequences of it, and my spouse and I were able to part as totally cooperative co-parents with no lingering animosity.

– Suzanne E. San Francisco, CA