Domestic Partnership Agreements

Domestic PartnershipCalifornia’s domestic partner law provides a simple registration process to create or dissolve a domestic partnership. Once registered, domestic partners have the same rights and responsibilities toward one another as married couples. Similarly, former domestic partners are treated as former spouses under the law and family law and divorce law applies to registered domestic partners. The simple registration process belies the complexities that underlie a legally-binding relationship.

Male PartnersA mediation or collaborative approach can ensure that both parties enter or leave the partnership with a full understanding of the legal benefits and duties involved. In addition since many domestic partners have children together, Ms. Holley, as a skilled family therapist, can help with parenting plans involving some of the unique issues same sex partners encounter. Mr. Blackman assists domestic partners in litigated matters.

Same Sex Marriages

Same sex marital partners have the same rights in California as other married couples.  However, often these marriages and divorces can be more complicated because of prior registered and unregistered domestic partnerships and periods of cohabitation without any formalities.  Ms. Holley can help you sort out your legal rights.

The Mediation and Law Offices of Vivian L. Holley is  LGBTQ friendly, supportive and nonjudgmental.  Ms. Holley was a strong advocate of same sex marriages before it became legal in California and across the country. In particular, she advocated for marriages in same sex families to protect the children of LGBTQ couples.  Please see the Blog articles (links) “ A New Civil Rights Almost: The Right to Marry”, and “On Same Sex Marriage – It’s All About the Children Part I, Part II, and Part 3.”

When my domestic partnership needed to be dissolved, I hired the Holley Law Firm. Jim Blackman was the attorney who went to court for me and finished the case with the best possible resolution. I found both Jim and Vivian caring and committed to a fair resolution. Vivian and Jim are experienced and tough, exactly what I needed for my difficult legal matters. A divorce is a difficult experience for anyone, gay or straight. Having a lawyer who was experienced in the nuances of family law was critical to reaching the best outcome possible.

– Denise L. San Mateo, CA