Family, Juvenile & Elder Law

Daughter with Elder MotherFamily matters include the welfare of children and elder dependent adults. Child-rearing issues and decisions about the child’s upbringing are issues parents generally feel strongly about. These issues can be especially sensitive, leading to rancorous legal battles which often result in court-imposed decisions and family divisions that can last for generations.

Mediation with a skilled attorney such as Ms. Holley, who is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, can help to deflate the emotions and protect the children. Ms. Holley’s office also represents parents who have lost their children through the Department of Social Services and wish to be re-instated as parents. Ms. Holley and Mr. Blackman also represent relatives seeking guardianship or adoption of children currently under their care.

Father and SonWe have also assisted in cases where exploitation or abuse of elder family members for financial gain is suspected. Elder abuse matters can be similarly emotional and traumatic for families, leading to legal battles and resulting in court-imposed conservatorships and family divisions. Mediation is the best process to resolve family conflicts and help families to heal.

My experience of the Vivian Holley Law Firm has been nothing short of excellent. I first contacted her for a consultation in 2001. I called her eight years later, and to my amazement she not only remembered me but had retained the original notes.

I have had the opportunity to work with other attorneys over the years and have a strong basis for comparison- there just isn’t one. Clear, direct no nonsense consul delivered thoughtfully and with empathy. The service I received extended beyond just document preparation, but included contacts with other professionals whose service contributed to the superior service.

– Liz T., East Bay, CA