Mediation for Financial Planners

What if as a Financial Planner you find your married clients have different financial goals? A Post-Marital agreement can help couples divide and manage their assets and community property, eliminating financial strife within the marriage while providing each partner with the financial plan of their choosing. Vivian L. Holley, a Certified Specialist in Family Law and a Mediator with 35 years experience, explains the financial benefits of Post-Marital agreements and how they can help your clients plan for their future.

Post-Marital, or Post-Nuptial Agreements are incredibly valuable in solving financial disputes between couples, preventing future conflicts, and providing peace of mind. Whether you are addressing a change in financial status or encountering financial disagreements for the first time, a Post-Marital Agreement can help settle financial conflicts and build both a stronger, more secure marriage as well as a financial future.

A Post-Marital Agreement is especially useful if spouses disagree about their shared financial investments. Through the transfer of community assets into separate (but equal) shares, spouses can decide what type of investments they are comfortable with and eliminate the risk to their partner. For instance, if a spouse wishes to enter into a high-risk, high-yield investment or business venture and the other spouse prefers a low-risk, diversified approach, a Post-Marital agreement can split their assets according to their individual investment goals, protecting the assets of one spouse from that of the other.

If a spouse receives a large promotion or salary increase or chooses to stay at home with the children, a Post-Marital agreement can help a couple navigate their financial and personal future in case of divorce. A Post-Nuptial agreement is one of the ways to modify Pre-Marital Agreements, providing an up-to-date revision of previous agreements and peace of mind. They can also be used in conjunction with an estate plan and retirement, making financial gifts from one spouse to another, protecting the financial futures of children and disabled children, providing for a spouse’s obligations from a previous marriage, and protecting a spouse in case of lawsuit or unwanted debt.

An experienced neutral mediator can help you achieve a division of assets using a process that is fair, entirely confidential, and legally binding. If you have any questions about Post-Marital agreements and how they can benefit you, contact Vivian L. Holley, a respected Certified Family Law Specialist and Mediator with over 34 years experience helping couples resolve their issues fairly and peacefully. Ms. Holley can help you plan for your financial future while promoting a stronger, healthier relationship for you and your spouse.