Prenuptial & Post-Martial Agreements

Couple reviewing agreementPrenuptial agreements offer additional peace of mind and security to the prospective spouses by removing any anxiety or unpredictability about the future. Prenuptial agreements also known Pre-nuptial agreements, enable parties entering marriage to lay out in advance how issues such as property division and the payment of support will be handled in the event of a separation or divorce. Ms. Holley believes the agreement becomes a road map for the financial aspects of the marriage. In addition to providing protection for the spouses and the children, Ms. Holley concentrates of the couple’s estate plan and on how the parties will fund their on-going living expenses.


Children RunningA post-marital agreement may be crafted any time during a marriage, and cohabitation agreements may be prepared for couples who choose to live together without formalizing their relationship as a marriage. Couples working with Ms. Holley do not need to have a divorce or separation to make a plan to re-arrange their property holdings. Ms. Holley’s agreements also include a plan for future rights upon the death of one of the spouses and couples are encouraged to complete their Wills and Trusts in conjunction with their Pre or Post-Marital Agreements.

For a more in-depth discussion of when to use a Post Marital (or Post Nuptial) Agreement, follow this link  to the discussion on how Mediation can Help Financial Planners.

In that spirit, the mediation or collaborative approach used by Ms. Holley can set the tone for a practical agreement based on honesty and trust, the existence of which can help encourage a long and happy marriage.

Vivian Holley is about as good as it gets; clear, direct, and accurate advice delivered with thoughtful and empathetic care – truly a rarity in the field.

– Eliza T., Oakland, CA