Should I Negotiate My Own Settlement?


Suppose you are Party 1 and your spouse Party 2 in the graphic below.  You would be negotiating your settlement directly with your spouse, perhaps over the kitchen table.  Maybe your marriage counselor will help you.  It is the least expensive method for working out your settlement.  However, if you have property or children, it is always best to get the help of an attorney or mediator, so your settlement covers all the important legal and practical (like taxes, or moving away!) aspects of your situation. While it is the least expensive, it would not be the fairest if one person is over-bearing or not truthful in providing all the information needed to make an informed decision.  And, even if it is not fair, you may be stuck with the decision forever, so it is important to get a legal consultation and review before the settlement is submitted to the court for a Judge’s signature.

self representation

The Law and Mediation Offices of Vivian L. Holley provides consultation services for those people who wish to represent themselves.  These services can be on a one -time or more on-going basis, depending on the need.


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