Should I Use A Mediator?


Yes, if you feel you would like the guidance of a professional to assist you as you and your spouse make the decisions involving you property, assets, debts and children.  Notice in the graphic below that you are still in direct communication with your spouse, but the mediator is holding a place in the circle of communication.  All information is provided voluntarily, and everything said is confidential and private.  This is very important, especially for couples who do not want anyone else to know about their lives.  Also, in mediation you may hire other professionals to help as needed – maybe a CPA or a child therapist, or someone to value and divide pensions or stock options, or to help a non-working spouse find a new career or job.  The goal has changed from finding the least expensive way to resolve matters to finding a fair resolution acceptable to both parties so you can proceed in your new lives with financial security.


The Law and Mediation Offices of Vivian L. Holley provides mediation services for those people who wish to represent themselves with the assistance of a mediator with more than 36 years of experience helping families through the divorce and onto their new lives.


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