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Super Mediator: Vivian Holley is perfect for anyone who needs guidance, representation, or mediation regarding any steps in a divorce process. Divorces can be very painful and difficult. Vivian Holley is the perfect lawyer to assist you and help you. She is very professional, offers perfect information, looks after her client’s best interest. As a mediator she is absolutely stellar! I give her 100% positive rating, and she is worth every dollar she charges for her services.She helped me bring my divorce to an end in just 3 mediation sessions, which all other lawyers failed to accomplish. What I like the most about her is that she does exactly what her client wants her to do for them. In a divorce case that’s crucial.

-Yana, a San Francisco Divorce client,


I had a very good opinion of the attorney, Ms. Holley, who acted as Mediator in my divorce from my ex wife. Ms. Holley explained the process of divorce through mediation, what rights each of us had; and gave us information about the community property laws of California. She was very thorough even though our divorce was very emotional and difficult.  Throughout the process I found Ms. Holley to be knowledgeable, competent, understanding and fair to each of us.

– Yury K. San Francisco Bay Area


My experience of the Vivian Holley Law Firm has been nothing short of excellent. I first contacted her for a consultation in 2001. I called her eight years later, and to my amazement she not only remembered me but had retained the original notes.

I have had the opportunity to work with other attorneys over the years and have a strong basis for comparison- there just isn’t one. Clear, direct no nonsense consul delivered thoughtfully and with empathy. The service I received extended beyond just document preparation, but included contacts with other professionals whose service contributed to the superior service.

– Liz T., East Bay, CA


Vivian Holley is about as good as it gets; clear, direct, and accurate advice delivered with thoughtful and empathetic care – truly a rarity in the field.

– Eliza T., Oakland, CA


When my domestic partnership needed to be dissolved, I hired the Holley Law Firm. Jim Blackman was the attorney who went to court for me and finished the case with the best possible resolution. I found both Jim and Vivian caring and committed to a fair resolution.  Vivian and Jim are experienced and tough, exactly what I needed for my difficult legal matters. A divorce is a difficult experience for anyone, gay or straight.  Having a lawyer who was experienced in the nuances of family law was critical to reaching the best outcome possible.

– Denise L.  San Mateo


Vivian Holley and Jim Blackman provided legal counsel for me as I went through a difficult and drawn-out divorce process.   They were top-notch… They were assertive about protecting my rights, but well-balanced..they listened…and respected my opinions while offering good advice and a range of options…

– Steve H., Albany, CA


When I first came in to see Vivian for mediation, I was convinced I would receive no marital property settlement because there was no way to fund it.  A year later I had a check  for close to a million dollarsVivian was able to get us to focus on what was important and set aside petty grievances to get to the heart of the matter.  I highly recommend Vivian as a mediator.  She is very skilled and effective.

– Suzanne E.  San Francisco, CA


Although I wanted to pursue a collaborative settlement, my former spouse moved our case into litigation with a very expensive litigious law firm. Because Ms. Holley knew the law of our case better, she coached me and helped me thoroughly prepare my evidence… When faced with our detailed and extensive preparation supporting my legal claim, my spouse had no choice but to back down from the litigation and return to the collaborative approach we all wanted and needed.  Vivian Holley shepherded me and my family with dexterity, flexibility, knowledge, instincts and determination to a harmonious and fair outcome.

– Roger S., San Francisco, CA


Great lawyer, great person:  If you or your friends are in search for highly qualified family law attorney with 34 years of experiences in divorce and mediation, I feel I got a perfect match for you. Vivian Holley has great professional experience in doing the job as a divorce attorney with the major tasks and responsibilities focusing on solving any problems related to a very complicated divorce issues and problems with high level of success. Vivian is a very motivated person and works in a team with another talented attorney James Blackman. Vivian and Jim were very attentive to MY needs during my complex divorce and they saw me through the tough times I had during my divorce. I would say that Vivian is the very best family law attorney in San Francisco, California!

– Alex Lyuber , San Francisco, CA


Great SF Mediation & Divorce Attorney:  I liked that Vivian specialized in mediation and also “Collaborative Law”, rather than litigation, so that we could end our marriage as painlessly, harmoniously and inexpensively as possible. I wanted to make sure she was not just “ok” but “really good”, so I interviewed many of SF’s top divorce attorneys and an internationally known mediator who said Vivian is very good. It was a good thing, because my ex hired a high powered SF divorce attorney (from a firm that the SF attorneys told me, “You go to this lawyer if you want to give your ex a hard time… They just wear you down and don’t care about how they get the result..”).

–Roger Solin – San Francisco, CA

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