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Wills and TrustsOver the years, a person’s estate plan may undergo many revisions, leading to conflicting promises, claims, and expectations on behalf of the beneficiaries. Ms. Holley’s office will prepare simple estate plans and they administer trusts and probates for the decedent’s remaining family members. Ms. Holley and Mr. Blackman will examine the relevant documentation and oversee the estate plan through the court process or on behalf of the trustee and heirs. When there is a conflict among the heirs, bringing all the interested parties together in mediation can lead to a resolution that will take the needs and interests of the entire family into account. When there is a family dispute, using the mediation process helps the family members come to a mutual agreement and helps families to heal. Probate and trust administration take a great deal of care and attention to detail. Ms. Holley’s firm provides in-depth individual attention to these legal matters as well as to the concerns of the heirs, trustees and families of the decedents.

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I had a very good opinion of the attorney, Ms. Holley, who acted as Mediator in my divorce from my ex wife. Ms. Holley explained the process of divorce through mediation, what rights each of us had; and gave us information about the community property laws of California. She was very thorough even though our divorce was very emotional and difficult. Throughout the process I found Ms. Holley to be knowledgeable, competent, understanding and fair to each of us.

– Steve H., Albany, CA