Yelp Reviews

When reading our Yelp reviews, please keep in mind, that despite our best efforts and years of training, in my line of work as a mediator and divorce attorney dealing with conflict between emotionally engaged couples, one party might perceive an unjust or inequitable settlement and write a negative review in anger. Anger is often the first step in the acceptance process involved in a divorce. Despite my repeated attempts to explain that natural acceptance process to Yelp they continue to filter out most of my very positive reviews. Because I must keep everyone’s case details confidential, it is not possible for me to speak up and tell readers what actually did happen in the case, and even when the other spouse did put in a positive review and explained what happened, Yelp chose to “filter” it and not to post the other side. So, I ask that you please view our filtered Yelp reviews to get a more balanced understanding of the great work that we’ve done for our clients. For your information, shown below are some “filtered” Yelp Reviews that no longer show on their website:

Yelp Reviews as of 10-6-11