Mediation and Law Offices of Vivian L. Holley

A leader in the field of mediation in the United States, Ms. Holley has offered mediation solutions in her practice since 1977, well before most practitioners heard of the concept. She is regarded as an expert practitioner by her colleagues.   Ms. Holley also offers Collaborative Law, another cooperative alternative to traditional litigation where each party is represented and everyone is working for the benefit of the whole family.  She also provides consulting services as well as legal support for clients who wish to represent themselves.  Her office also represents some clients in court through traditional legal representation.

Ms. Holley is a specialist in child custody mediation and in creating parenting plans good for children to help them adjust to the separation and divorce of their parents.

Over 38 Years Mediation Experience + Certified Family Law Specialist + Family Therapist

  1. Admitted to Practice before The U.S Supreme Court in 1986
  2. U.S. pioneer in mediation starting in 1977
  3. Licensed Marriage Family & Child Therapist since 1975
  4. California State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist since 1984
  5. Pro tempore and Settlement Judge for San Francisco Superior Court
  6. Northern California SuperLawyer
  7. Admitted to Practice in California and Federal Courts in 1978.

Experience Matters When It Comes To Your Family And Future! Work with a Mediator who is a Family Lawyer and Family Therapist.

Since 1978, the Mediation & Law Office of Vivian L. Holley has been finding better ways to resolve family and legal disputes, successfully mediated over 1500 disputes.  As a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist, trained Mediator and Collaborative Law Practitioner, and State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist, Vivian L. Holley has the training and experience to help your family find a resolution that satisfies all the parties involved.

Free Consultation with a Mediator, Family Lawyer & Therapist!

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My experience of the Vivian Holley Law Firm has been nothing short of excellent. I first contacted her for a consultation in 2001. I called her eight years later, and to my amazement she not only remembered me but had retained the original notes.

I have had the opportunity to work with other attorneys over the years and have a strong basis for comparison- there just isn’t one. Clear, direct no nonsense consul delivered thoughtfully and with empathy. The service I received extended beyond just document preparation, but included contacts with other professionals whose service contributed to the superior service.

– Liz T., East Bay, CA