Divorce Property Settlements

Create Your Own Property SettlementEven if divorce is settled by the courts, the preference is for the parties to develop their own agreement for the division of marital property. If an agreement cannot be reached, assets and debts of the marital estate are divided by the judge according to state law. Through mediation or collaborative practice, the parties can agree to a mutually fair property settlement that reflects their true needs rather than staked-out claims or positions, and takes into account the best interests of the children and any other family members who may be impacted by the settlement. As a State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist Ms. Holley understands the intricacies of community property law and considers the tax implications of the settlement provisions.




When I first came in to see Vivian for mediation, I was convinced I would receive no marital property settlement because there was no way to fund it. A year later I had a check for close to a million dollars. Vivian was able to get us to focus on what was important and set aside petty grievances to get to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend Vivian as a mediator. She is very skilled and effective.

– Suzanne E. San Francisco, CA